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January 14, 2008


Ugh! I hate hearing that kind of thing. And honestly, I'm not sure which parts are true and which aren't, if any. I can tell you that Fergus, now three, has better language development than most of his female peers--but he's a bit of an oddity in that department. (We were at the doctor recently and he asked, "Mum? Why are they called patients? Is it because they have to be patient?") He is, however, typically noisy, rammy, boisterous, rude (he actually looked at Ivan and me at the table recently to make sure he had our attention, then lifted one butt cheek and farted. Nice.), scatalogical, messy... all the things you picture your fantasy LD NOT being. Sorry to burst your bubble!

As for becoming a boy-centered mama, trust me, it'll happen to YOU. I found myself driving with co-workers to lunch one day when we passed some road construction. I exclaimed to everyone, "Look! Diggers!"

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