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November 18, 2007


I too have sandwich memories that quell poor feelings on bad days. One: a roasted vegetable sandwich on walnut bread in Sydney, Australia. Two: a concoction called "bunny chow" in Durban, South Africa being a half loaf of bread scooped out and filled with burning hot curry with a boiled egg plopped in the centre. Three: capicolla masterpieces from La Grotta on Commercial Drive. But the best sandwich of all is the humble peanut butter + pickle. Before you gasp, think about it: smooth, sticky peanut butter contrasted with crisp, tangy dill pickle. It is the ultimate yin/yang experience, balance and unity of the highest order. I was first served a PB&P sandwich by my childhood friend's mother, who was at the time the only yoga teacher in my hometown, and hence known as a bit of an oddball. Odd, maybe, but a sandwich genius, definitely.

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