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October 26, 2007


I giggled a little when you wrote, 'blow him to smithereens' because I am a man and a pervert.

'Evening' may be a hot-blooded thriller. I dunno and never will because it's marketed as a complete chick flick: http://movies.yahoo.com/movie/1809765401/info

That gauzy, sunset cover shot and the overwrought copy give it away. We can smells that kinda hooey from miles around.

And for me, chick flicks are movies where a dreamy male character says things that he would never say. They play as modern fairy tales. Nothing wrong with them, but they act as the female equivalent of pornography - intended to arouse, not to engage.

Excellent faces to deliver the precious lines include the two Hughs (Grant and Jackman, as Mr. Darcy not Wolverine) and Jude Law. I believe salty Richard Gere qualifies as well.

So you're stretching taut as a toned belly to make me believe Pretty Woman counts as part of a tradition of 'rich, beautiful films with smart dialogue and great acting that make us think about life and all its complications and wonders.' Ditto, Ghost and Dirty Dancing. (Got a Swayze jag going?)

Please provide a follow up post on the 'Evening' viewing experience with your husband.

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