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July 24, 2007


I guess I need a blog too, since my wife seems to pre-empt my comments. All right, I'm a little slow...except when it comes to mozziies (as the Australians sometimes call them), or skeeters (more familiar at home).
I really like to turn the night murder into a bit of an event, so that everyone around can enjoy the chase. Mostly this just means talking about just where the little buggers are, and what this entails. I become oblivious to the general protocol of the "small hours" - a good hunt is no time for tiptoeing around or hushed tones. Of course, method always depends on environment - high ceilings may look purty, but they can really thwart the best hunting effort - but unwavering intent usually trumps all, I find. There is no holding back, no giving in... victory is the only possible outcome. And yes, bloody evidence of it is most welcome.

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